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Eat Inn Cheat will be a healthy convenience food store located in a community known as “Food Desert.” Currently, products will be sold solely online until the brick-and-mortar store is established.




We aim to make healthy foods readily available in “food desert” communities with a shortage of such resources. In addition, to supplying these communities with more nutritious food options, our goal is to also educate them on how to implement healthier lifestyle choices. Our passion drives us to significantly reducing acute/chronic diseases within the communities that we serve. 




To be the leading provider of affordable and high-quality healthy foods in communities with a significant shortage while providing a convenient, friendly, and educational environment.




Integrity - serving the same kind of wholesome foods to customers that we do to our own families.


Education - creating awareness about the acute/chronic diseases (e.g., Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, High Cholesterol) linked to unhealthy food choices to reduce their prevalence within our “food desert” communities.


Quality - providing high-quality foods that do not contain harmful chemicals, including fresh fruits and vegetables (without additives), organic meats, and wild-caught seafood.


Passion – genuinely caring for, feeding, and educating the communities we serve all with love.


Culture - using an array of organic ingredients worldwide to help promote cultural awareness through the foods that we serve.


Community Health - making healthy foods readily available in the communities that we service as part of the public health initiative to reduce/eradicate the acute/chronic diseases that plague communities throughout the U.S.